The two most talked about and most admired entrepreneurial traits are perpetually challenging the status quo and the persistence through hard times to make ideas flourish.

It’s really not a different approach with running Facebook ads. Yet, so many entrepreneurs and small business owners try advertising on Facebook once or twice and deem it unsuitable channel for their promotions. Have you succeeded at everything, or even anything, the first time you tried? Chances are, there was more than one bump in a road; yet, here you are, still running your first or 15th business.

Same goes for Facebook ads. You can’t run it once and think you’re done trying. You also can’t outsource this important marketing channel to someone else without closely collaborating and supervising them. Marketing agencies, no matter how good they are, are still outsiders to your company. They don’t know your product and company history as well as you do, and they can’t care nearly as much about its success as you do.

This is not to say you can’t or absolutely shouldn’t trust third-party agencies. All that means is that you must keep your finger on the pulse of strategy and execution, and consistently push these outsiders to go to work for you every day.

Facebook ads are only as effective as you make them to be. As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to improve your bottom line, decrease costs and increase profit margins. Take that same approach to Facebook advertising. If you ran a few ads which didn’t perform nearly as well as you had expected, keeping trying to crack the code. Define your audience better, craft a stronger creative, experiment with placements and schedules. Keep testing different variations of ads and audiences until those ads work for your business.

Even if your ads are performing decently it doesn’t mean you’ve reached the full potential this powerful marketing channel offers. If your ads perform OK, carry out mini A/B tests. Change little details one at a time to see what moves the needle. Seemingly unimportant details can make all the difference.

It might be a similar-but-slightly more approachable image of you or your product which looks more appealing. It may be as little as switching out two words in your ad copy that will blow your results through the roof. Seriously, it can happen if you wordsmith your ads to a point where it is so specific, your audience understands right away that this is the product for them and they want it now.

It may be the timing of your ads. It is possible that your audience is not very active during morning hours, but is very active during evening hours. Or, you are wasting your time on ads during workdays when your audience is really receptive to your offer on the weekends.

You didn’t walk away from your business after the first trial and error. You should have the same level of diligence in promoting your business. Yes, there are a ton of newer, cooler, shinier social channels out there but no one has the size or the power of Facebook. Until then, test, test, test and then test your ads some more to reach your audience. After all, this is also a learning curve and a great insight into what your audience truly wants.

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